The SHPP Dobrohošť is located in the area of the intake facility, providing water intake from the Waterwork Gabčíkovo intake canal to the branch system located on the left bank of the old Danube riverbed.

This SHPP exploits the hydrotechnical potential of the existing intake. The construction uses the existing feeder, which was built together with the intake structure.

The treated water in the power plant with a maximum volume of 25 m3.s-1 is returned to the intake canal through a short waste channel. The electricity generated is fed into the national electricity grid via a 22 kV line which passes through the site. The main production programme is electricity generation.

For this purpose, one Kaplan turbine was installed, which uses flows up to a maximum of 25 m3/s.

The power generation is carried out by a synchronous generator. The construction generates electricity by exploiting the energy potential of the water gradient and thus produces no waste and does not emit any pollutants into the air.

By the nature of its production, it protects our environment each year from the exhalates and solid waste from the burning of about 40,000 tonnes of brown coal. The construction is designed as an unmanned power plant with intermittent patrol service once every 24 hours.